Production Facility
we have the vertical supply chain structure, starting from casting, punching/stamping, pre-machining, fine machining, spinning, welding of viscous damper in means of laser welding, electron beam welding & argon arc welding, silicon fluids auto-controlled filling station, auto servo-controlled rubber ring pressing machine, auto-dynamic balancing machine, laser/pneumatic markink machine, to painting line.[Learn more]
Test & Verification facility
For rubber damper, we have inherent frequency tester for rubber damper, static torque tester for rubber damper, ozone tester, hot temperature aging tester, low temperature rubber brittleness tester.For viscous damper, we have damping performance tester, viscosity meter for silicon fluids. We also have measurement facilities for torsional vibration amplitude, axial acceleration & temperature, spectrograph for metal element analysis.[Learn more]
R&D facility
We have full independent facility & self-made program for measuring & analyzing the torsional vibration amplitude, axial acceleration & temperature. Thus we can provide damping calculation base on engine’s equivalent system value (mass elastic data of engine) and excitation data (cylinder pressures at different speed & angle) and the torsional vibration damper can be designed at concept stage of engine development. Also the current serial damper can be developed, verified and optimised by us.[Learn more]